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This page is purely intended just for information that may be hard to find.

It is not intended to sway anyone's own beliefs.

Together We Can Get Our Freedom Back!

Video done by Millie Virtue in Ireland

Love The Human Spirit!  
FB 2021

Wellington New Zealand 
FB Feb 2022

Truth and honest information is every Human beings right to have access too!
With main stream media and many platforms suppressing really crucial information, I decided to have a place in my world where I can direct my loved ones to, I'm so glad you are ready and wanting some real information.  
My advise is to always let your own intuition guide you to where and what you need..


First !  Let me introduce you to leading and amazing humanitarians in New Zealand who have a World of information for YOU 

Voices for Freedom !  

Amazing!  They have resources galore!  Seriously Wonderful! 

New World right there.

Fire VFF.jpg

Plus...  Drum roll....

New Zealand Doctors Speaking Out With Science !

I would call these guys legend's!  Dr Matt Shelton lost his license as a GP for simply speaking his truth and protecting pregnant woman and children by refusing to administer them the trial covid mRNA injection.  But he gained tremendous support from the people!  With others NZDSOS was developed, they specialise in helping injured patients from the injection where the main stream system won't acknowledge the cause. 

True humanitarians that are leading our country into the New World!

Please enjoy all the health and healing information from these places.  You can cross check and do your own research for more but I know these will help!

I do advise to always do your body testing when taking supplements and or

seek consultation from someone who is trained in prescribing medicines or supplements.

1st, an article of samples of un vaxed blood, exposing the truth and seriousness of these jabs and the shedding!

This will help you understand why it is so important during these times to DETOX.

By Anna Maria Mihalcea, MD, PhD


Complete Detox Information - Inspired Health Advocate

Destroying Spike Protein! - Merogenomics

This Destroys Spike Protein! - EO Nutrition

Nutrition Protocol To Deactivate & Neutralize Graphene Oxide - Katrinah

Spike Protein Detox Guide - World Council for Health

How to Detox from the Covid Spike Protein - The Plant Strong Club

Covid-19 Frequency Isolated - Healing sound therapy

The Universal Antidote - The Science and Story of Chlorine Dioxide

If you have thought should I be detoxing my children?...  Well this will help -

Vaccine Shedding Finally Proven!  -  May 2022

Questioning Covid  -  July 2021

For more, a list of interesting articles can be found here  -

Copy & paste this to the search bar  -


Detox Bath - FB video link

This is a solution I came across by accident by the help of my spirit guides.

Bath soak to help remove shedding.

Put as much as you want but I trialed and found at least these amounts. 

Baking soda 2-4 teaspoons at least. 

Chlorine Dioxide at least 30 drops..  I use about 60 drops = x 4 - 6 squirts of a tincture bottle dropper,

+ 1-2 cups of Epson salts..

To extract toxins from the body, I found to soak at least 45 mins to an hour..  Leave the water to sit at least a day and a half (18-24 hours).  When I've bathed at night and emptied in the morning, it's not as present. 

Watch the bath water empty..  Freaky stuff!


Voices for freedom

New Zealand Doctors Speaking out with Science


The Health Forum 

Silent No More NZ 

The Global Walk Out

Groundswell NZ - NZ farmers

Counterspin Media

Reality Check Radio - NZ's own free speech radio station!

Lingo Lewi - Video Creator

Sesh - NZ music & video creator

(My truth news informant via his video's)

Before the links that get into the real nitty gritty out or 100's or probably into the 1000's now of videos of information, I'd like to share my personal favorite from this amazing brave lady ..  

Before we go any further..  I feel it important to express my personal feeling on all of this, it is a tough time for us all and I believe the only way through is each other, and most importantly to heal ones own heart and be true and come back to Jesus or who ever your God is, to be at one with the universe and above all come back to Love.  The new world that is birthing is one of acceptance of all and pure Love and abundance.
I do feel that in time there will be an antidote available to stop or reverse damages from the trial injection, so if you have just realised what has taken place please don't panic, have faith and stay strong.
A lot of Children that are here now have actually come in to aid us all through this and have the ability to transcend the Jab, so please don't fret, all the help and information will come to you if you seek it.  Blessings.


Plus another - A positive and some more inspiration! 

Here are links to information. 

This was actually hard for me to do, it hurts me, but I feel it would be worse not to know.

Stay true  -  Grieve  -  Accept  -  Forgive  -  Release  -  Heal  -  LOVE


The Sequel to the Fall of the Cabal - Part 21 the Untold Truth about Nose Swabs.

A very wise brave young lady explaining how this was all planned.

I tried every witch way to save this video but it has been restricted in sharing options.

2030 UnMasked - For those Preparing for what's Coming After Covid-19.  Published August 24, 2021

A serious warning

Died Suddenly 

Warning this is heart breaking and hard to watch <3

I'll finish this page for now with a really wonderful inspirational heart and soul filled video with messages of strength and encouragement to any person who is still following unlawful orders from corrupt leadership.
I commend and thank all of us, especially our doctors and nurses and like this video all our police and forces who have stood up for humanity.  If not remember God will always forgive you, all you need to do is redeem yourself. Thanks to all of the whistle blower's!
God Bless to everyone!

True Inspiration!



In the systems we are currently in, due to Complete Medical Tyranny, I am unable to offer Hair Services.

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