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Please note these are from my Hair Conveniently clients - I will update with new Hair Voyant testimonials.

"I've been fortunate enough to have Adele doing my hair for the last six years.  She is an excellent hairdresser, who listens carefully to what you want and always creates exactly that, and when you don't know what you want to do with your hair, she has probably already had a 'vision' for what she could do!  Adele produces wonderful hair colours and flattering stylish cuts that make you look and feel so much better afterwards.  I would highly recommend Adele to come to you to do your hair in the comfort of your own home, and you will be delighted!"


Elaine Parkinson

"Happy New Year Adele!

Thanks again for your time.  I should have emailed you ages ago to let you know that I love my hair cut! The curls are amazing and the cut is way more edgy and less mumsey ;)  and I really enjoyed our chat.

Georgia was also really grateful."





"Adele cuts both my hair and my partner's hair. Its great that she can come to our place and do both our hair at the same time. She always does and great job and is flexible and friendly. I would recommend her to anyone who wants a great cut for a reasonable price!"




"Adele has been cutting my hair at home for a couple of years now. I love having her come over, it's so much more convenient and quicker than waiting at a salon. She does a great job, and I really look forward to seeing her every few months!"


Tricia J


"Thanks Adele - enjoyed your visit and so pleased with my hair.   Enjoy the rest of your day."  



"Hi Adele!

Thanks so much for coming today. It was just wonderful to see you and I am so happy with my hair, as is my little darling.  Ro and Sophia were also really happy with their hair and were also super happy to meet you! 

Lots of love to you Adele.  I am so happy to know you and have you in my life X"



"Hi Adele,

Well thanks for a couple of fabulous cuts & treatments.  We both enjoyed the pampering.  We look forward to booking you again.  It is a big thing to have someone in your home when you are feeling vulnerable. 

Aside from sharing your wonderful gift, we really appreciated that that you made us comfortable and accepted us as we were."


Kind Regards

Kate and Pam 

"Hi Adele, Mum is really happy with her cut and will def ring u for next one :) its funny cause she didn't know what she wanted or liked hair cut wise till u gave it to her (thank u for being sooo patient) it was actually really cool that mum was comfortable enough to tell you, normally shell give me the lk and want me to step in so it was awesome for her growth to do that."



"Many thanks for my cut I am totally satisfied, with it and would pass on my recommendation, good luck with the business."


Jeanette Ngaio

"Hi Adele,


I actually left at 5am the next morning with my hair still up from the night before and I got lots of positive feedback even after having slept on it! 

I was really happy and I thought you both did a great job, including Michelle's hair. The night was also fantastic!


It was great meeting with you Adele! Really enjoyed our conversation."



"Hi Adele,

Thank you so much for the fabulous hair cut.  It looks great.  I so enjoyed talking to you.  I look forward to another appointment soon !

Warm regards."


Miss Adams

"Hi Adele,
Thanks again for the lovely haircut last week."


Best regards

'Absolute wonderful service! I have two small children and it was very convenient to have my hair cut and styled at home. Adele is very professional and my cut was exactly what I wanted. I love it!  I definitely recommend Hair Conveniently to anyone.'

"Hi Adele,

Thank you so much for the fab hair cut and the reading !   It’s a perfect length-don’t worry !!"



"Hi Adele, 

Thanks so much again for doing such a great job with my Mum's hair in Friday late afternoon. We are both thrilled!

Thanks very much again."




"Dear Adele,


Just a little note to let you know how much I appreciated today's meeting and hair cut, really enjoyed the total experience so thanks for providing that.


Wishing you a great weekend, hope you get to enjoy it!!"


Love Karinxx

"Hi Adele,

I attached some of the pictures from Sat. Thanks so much, you did a great job and it was so nice to meet you. It was gods will. Take care, hope to catch up again."



Ruby xoxo 

"Good afternoon Adele,


I thought I’d just drop you a line to say thank you very much for your service yesterday.  Mum’s hair looks beautiful. 


It’s taking a load off me as normally I have to take the day off work, get her out of the house & into the car then to the hairdresser and it’s quite a long process. 

Once again, thank you and you’ve done a wonderful job shaping her very fine hair !!"


Kind regards


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