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The 1st Hair Voyant Letter!

Hi! I'm very excited to be sending your 1st Hair Voyant letter!!! WELCOME! Isn't it amazing to be apart of us all, and our wonderful planet going though this amazing ascension! This time is a mark in history and a turning point for us all individually and collectively and our beautiful planet we all live on together! 1st up - I don't want to annoy anyone who does not want to receive these! Most of you had subscribed to Hair Conveniently.. Please just flick me a reply email to let me know if you'd like me to delete you from the system.. All is grand! I fully understand that this may not be what you're interested in.. For you that are still here and interested..! Well buckle in!

In a world that seems somewhat out of this world at present, I'd like to bring some heart warming & down to earth positives to us all!

In this letter I've ironically decided to use a red, orange, green system, With BOLD type headings so you can navigate & skip areas not of interest. What you will find! The GREEN section : My work updates.. Some meditation tips! .. Reminder of hair tips.. What to expect in future letters.. Some healing & well being tips.. So let's get to it! GREEN SECTION! My Work Updates: Well this bit is actually difficult to express... Out with it I must! Ok.... So it is with grave sadness due to the current government mandates and systems we are currently in... I am forced to stop hairdressing.. This is due to my freedom to make my own choice on medical treatments. This has been very challenging emotionally for me, its taken me weeks to actually send this while going through my own grief of what this actually means for me, my clients and friends. I have looked after some of you since my teens! & many for over 10years! As you know I completely love my work and you.. But for me the choice is simply not mine anymore. I choose not to take part in an injection that is still in trial and now because of my freedom of choice in the highest form, I am unable to look after your hair and this is my livelihood. Truth be told I would probably just carry on despite civil law, if I felt it was unlawful, but my body seems to be super sensitive to the spike protein sheading, a lot are fine but the health repercussions for me have also forced a full stop on hairdressing for me. So according to Civil law, natural law and universal law, I am required to step down fully. (Just for now ;-) ) I am now putting my spiritual beliefs and relationship with the universe at large right out there, as I did flying to the other side of the world to magical Ireland on a one way ticket with no one to meet me! I believe when we do what is completely true to our own heart the rest follows and although I am grieved to stop hairdressing, (very grieved! I've been teary all week) I am ecstatic to now make way for my ultimate purpose witch is to spiritually read for people. I have complete faith, and like my ventures overseas, I know this will all be positive for all of us! I'm a strong believer when one door shuts another opens. I understand also that for you who I still look after this maybe unsettling & sad news for you too. Medical choices I feel should be COMPLETLY private & confidential.. What is right for one person to do is wrong for another, it's completely personal I believe. I do respect and accept everyone's personal choice whatever it is completely with no judgment! I myself have no problem expressing my choice not to take this Covid mRNA trial injection, understanding it maybe the best thing for you. I do not & will not support passports.. My reason is the unfair segregation it causes & how they will implement on people's lives. This means my arms & spirits will always be opened to any person. I have never and will never discriminate. I accept & respect your decision no matter what it is & it is no business of mine! But I please ask that you hold acceptance for mine. If you want to book a reading with me, you will not be asked if you have a passport! You can book in with me on line.. the Hair Conveniently website address will take you to my Hair Voyant website and booking system! Book now at the bottom of every page. I just have to change the web address and of course add all weird and wonderful spiritual information for you to it! MEDITATION TIPS! I am often told 'I'd like to meditate but 'I don't know how' My first tip is all you need is the want too... the rest will follow! As soon as you make the choice to want to, your spirit guides go to work on your behalf! For example you may randomly book with an out of this world hairdresser who happens to be spiritually minded, trained or gifted, there are many of us out there! Or someone randomly gifts you with a book or meditation DVD.. The universe works in mysterious ways! 'The Secret.. The Law of attraction' changed my life! Meditation is very personal.. My favorite place is in the bath! & I can often be meditating during your hair cut. A client years ago taught me.. The highest form of meditation is to be 100% in the moment.. This random man during a one off chat doing his hair helped change my beliefs & life. Also Mark my client and friend who has now passed over.. Every hair cut reminded me of grounding in the now in the present moment! Mark taught me a lot & also changed my life! If we open ourselves up to peoples or spirits teachings, we learn! In my opinion.. To leave your mind and body to reach meditation mode... You 1st must master being present 100% in your mind, body and moment.. Opposed to being in the past or present.. Then you can FLY! So these are my meditation tips! Bet you didn't expect that! If you have already mastered this.. and need help moving forward.. For now I offer you the tip to seek spiritual groups or guided meditations are a great start! Or simply ASK your spirit guides to teach You! HAIR TIPS! Do remember I have a great list of basic hair tips!? Many people have thanked me & have told me how they helped them! From Clarifying your hair.. to treatments! ETC Hair Tips (In the Blog drop down) FUTURE LETTERS! What I am wishing to bring in future letters is everything New World! & that is DEFINATLY NOT 'the new world order' ! Quite the opposite! Everything loving, weird and wonderful! From me and my spirit guides! Also to help anyone who would like to develop there intuition and to connect with our loved ones in spirit! HEALING TIPS! My overall healing tip is state of mind, strangely enough coming from a medium, and Love & Faith opposed to Fear! If we choose to find the positive our body responds and vise versa. Also i believe we must release and express anything we feel, that's a biggie as our society seems to have a lot of depression. I believe our physical human body is linked and connected with our spiritual, mind, and emotional body's. So one aspect of our body indeed affects and rubs off on the others. I'm no health practitioner by any means! This is purely just tips, the real advise will come from a professional in the health field! But just a few tips I've learnt on my healing journey on getting and staying well. Sleep well! Eat well! Laugh well! Express well! & of course stay active in any way you are able. My favorite is Nature!!! Ollll yeah.. Feel that sand at your feet, sun shining down, waves renewing everything ... Yeah! Nature ! If any of these are blocked, meditate on why and how to shift it! Is my short tip. + Vitamins are helpful during these times! Esp Vit D! Vit C! & Zinc for our immune system! + Hydroxychloroquine. I tried making some naturally with lemon and grapefruit skin/rind, peel & boil with water for 3 hours, cool & strain. A bit yuk but my body loved it! + Some Osteopaths have amazing remedies for all going on at the moment! + Voices for freedom & NZDSOS are both amazing for home Covid survival kits, information & support!!!! + This link is to a world of knowledge, thanks to my osteopath passing it on! Especially needed for anyone afraid of Covid or if experiencing adverse reactions from the injection or any form of graphene Oxide. Nourish your mind and body and glow from the inside out with the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda. I feel there are 3 spaces of time people are in during our lives.. 1- A time where those who just don't want to know and will never believe. 2- A time where those who are going humm.... Maybe... What's all this about!? Opening to all sides of beliefs & dimensions. 3- A time where those who are fully aware & open & going through all waves & emotions.. Open to all dimensions and planets & beings. If you are NB 1... You will probably want to stop here I fully understand & accept this.. If you are 2 or 3... Buckle up! The Orange section: I LOVE and am so intrigued by human minds and behavior's! I spent years learning including traveling to other countries to learn more about myself & people! Along with my spiritual growth! I'd love to share this video with you from a professor of clinical psychology. Link: Why do so many believe what we are told. Also if you would like to know more about the shedding. I wish my future letters not to have info like this in them, but I believe people should be given knowledge. For many this is not a problem. Hard to find knowledge. The Red section:

Now this section is only for those wild at heart souls who may have run a red light or two in your time.. Red is the colour of our root charka witch is an energy point in our body that links us to the physical world.

Blessings to anyone who has lost anyone from all of this virus. My heart and soul has been bleeding and crying for our people, and instead of falling down, I wish to rise up and do my bit. Love to each and everyone of you. 💜 💞

If you are still reading I want to commend you. God graces those who live and walk in complete truth whatever your truth is, and never gives up on anyone. With love in my heart, I would love to sign off from my very 1st Hair Voyant letter with - I'm so excited to be flying in my truth and I'd love to share a video with you that shows the strength and passion of the human spirit for good over evil, and protecting and standing up for one another's freedom. 😇

Via Facebook Link: Together we are mighty! Via Facebook With Love

Adele Xo

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