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HC New Logo Launch!!!!

Updated: Nov 15, 2020



Have you seen our new logo yet!?  Usually there would be a logo launch before it's used!  But at HC we like doing things different, and it kind of 'just happened'

Heres how!  -

The original HC snake logo came with HC from Tess Claris.  Love It!

Then HC went to Adele, and she went to Deb who hand drew and created our snake & scissor, then made it digital ready to join HC!    Love It! Amazing original soul and heart connected work - Thanks a mill to  Deb Rock-Evans & World Awake Movement    A m a z i n g  (Very cool have a look! ;-) )

THEN!  Bom Bom Bom!  Adele's dream of having a team all operating as free individuals finally came about!  They do say good things take time! ;-) The new dream team had a 'meeting' we say 'get together!' & bam pen to paper! Cushla and Jessica were creating!!  Jess goes to her niece Stella Inkpen who created the Butterfly and scissor THEN... this was presented to Steve who graciously did his thing and bam we have OUR new LOGO!  :-) :-) :-)    Love It! A big Thank you to Steve for his PATIENCE and dedicated work! (with ALL the extra requests :-0)  Steve is at  Eerie Elk Design Depot Very awesome work!

So now we have our New Logo launch Give Away!

This will be done and drawn through a Facebook like and share post of this letter.  If you would like to enter and do not use FB just tell a friend about us, give us an email and we'll enter you!

Give aways are:

1 - A wash and blowdry/straighten or curls or a Style Cut. Value $50-$80 No Charge by Adele Murray - Thurs/Fri/Sat's only. (Sorry this is not a mobile service, this is to be done at Adeles home in Paraparaumu Beach)

2 - A full makeup service.  Value $90-$110 For $60 as an intro from the lovely Victoria - Fri/Sat/Sun's only. (Sorry this is not a mobile service, this is to be done at Victoria's home in Wellington)

3 - A Gift basket.  Value $85 Free!  Contents are the Retro Edition 500ml Bottles of RPR Rejuvenating Shampoo & Conditioner + a Matrix Miracle Creator Mask sachet + a Box of your favorite Chocolates ;-)   Delivered!

Happy Sharing and Cheers in advance! and GOOD LUCK! We Love our Butterfly! & Hope you do too! Freedom for us all! 

Our next letter will be sometime soon after to intro properly as promised our makeup artists!  Also our Christmas hours! 

Until soon! 

From Adele & the HC team  Xo 

The meaning of Butterfly 

Hi!  A little extra from me (Adele) - for anyone who is interested ;-) I personally find meanings or messages from nature quite helpful! I always felt a logo change that would suit the majority for Hair Conveniently was to come, but I was waiting for these beautiful ladies to appear. I'm sure I can speak for you all, when I say how very grateful we are to have these wonderful ladies Cushla, Jessica and Victoria available for you and to keep this mobile service going!  The butterfly for me has a freedom feeling to it, also beauty and change and transformation! Change is the only constance in life I believe, and being a hairdresser every moment is change! I also like to believe we as hairdressers offer you help with all these aspects of the butterfly's attributes.  So to all - it is great to have you here !  Enjoy the beauty and transformation our skill and equipment can provide! :-)

Much Love to All, Adele Xo📷📷📷📷Copyright © 2019 Hair Conveniently, All rights reserved.

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