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HC Hair Tip - Taming Curly Frizzy Hair!

LOVE Curly Hair! I do! But sadly lots with curly hair just don't like it.. Until you find the keys to nurture your nest and love it, you'll be amazed at how easy looking after Curly actually is <3

Tips! :

Most Curly hair just needs a whole lota MOISTURE!

Except the exception - That awesome head of curls thats fine as fine hair but looks like a huge head of thick hair.. This curly hair needs protein as well to strengthen. (Who would of thought curly hair could need strengthening? wow hey)

Never BRUSH curly hair! :-0 The only time I brush curly hair is before washing. (See tip Fb 16th Nov) There are other times your stylist will brush but for you.. Unless you are using styling tools, it can just create lots of frizz brushing.

Remember it all starts from WASHING our hair! (See Tip fb 1st Feb) (Like building a house - the foundation is the most important!) YEP What we shampoo our hair with in my opinion is more important than the conditioner or treatment. Lots of people i've come across are just piling there hair up with products, but it starts from in the shower!

Some ranges actually have specific shampoos for curly hair.. (My Fav is KMS Curl up range) But most curly hair needs a shampoo for dry hair.

So i can't PRESCRIBE here what to use as we have lots of different types of curls - thick, fine, natural, chemically treated.. But ask us or your hairdresser.. Please don't just guess.. We don't do years of training for nothing - ASK when you have your hair done! :-) The secret is we actually love educating you, but some don't want to be thought of as over selling! So Ask ask ask! Test your hairdresser ;-)

TREATMENTS! (See tip fb 9th Nov) are an absolute must for curly hair!!!

Find the right leave in PRODUCT! Its like finding the right deodorant or perfume. A great no hassle hair day or a bad hair day can depend on taking just 1 min to apply a little product! No drying, no styling just a simple smooth/scrunch in a blob or product! I prefer curl creams opposed to waxes or glosses. But there are many on the market!

Now again this is just my opinion.. and it really depends on what products you are using - i can't stress enough about getting the correct hair care advise from your stylist!

You've just been let in on how EASY it is to have amazing tamed non frizzy curly hair!

You can see a full list of my hair tips at or see some products at

Enjoy your AWESOME Curly Hair! Love from Adele :-) xo

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