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Happy New Year we will be back 19th Jan! (Sent Dec 31st 2020)

Happy New Year to YOU! & Wishing that your Christmas Cheer was cheering!

News! We will be closed until the 19th of January...

Well what a year hey.. You that know me will know and remember that I always find the positive in what I can.. Sending this Happy New Year wish, I'm wishing that wherever you are and whatever you are doing that you can find joy in it! With any hardships our world is experiencing, it is the all of 'us' our beautiful people that keep each other strong and positive!

I Love New Years, as its an opportunity to learn from our mistakes or hardships, praise and be thankful for our blessings or achievements and wish for what we want and start a fresh!

There is a new higher vibrational energy here now! Wishing you are enjoying it and if you are in an area that is in lockdown, don't forget to get out into NATURE!

On that note HC will be completely closed down until the 19th of January as I will be doing exactly that! We will be out of phone and internet coverage. Remember you can still book 24/7 on line here and we can confirm your bookings when we return.

Wishing you all a Magical New Year and Thank You for being here and making HC!

We all look forward to looking after you and being of service when we return!

Love to All!

Adele Xo

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