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Guess Who's Back!? :-)

Hi !    Welcome back to HC the alternative and wonderful world of Mobile Hairdressing! 

I'm very happy to say we are still here!  This letter has been coming since after lockdown!  Lots to share, so I'll get on with it!..  In this letter we are saying a    ----------------------> Welcome back to Jane and me Adele, & a fare well to Cushla + more. . But 1st I would like to share my appreciation and well done to you all for your patience, isn't it funny how with the seriousness of the world issues and lockdown, how everyone missed there hairdressers!  Mobile hair is appreciated by all, from the busy professional to the busy Mum's or Dads for that matter, to the elderly or the crippled, oh and those on home Detention..  Our rebellious souls 💗 This service seems to be so valued, but without all of you wanting us we wouldn't be here!  I seem to be feeling full of appreciation as I write, I guess the scare of not being able to work sure can surface this!  

Anyways..  Glad to be here, glad to have you here!  Prayers to and for humanity all over our world!  Here's to health and oneness 💞

WELCOME back to JANE  🌅🙋‍♀️🙌💖 Do you remember when I was looking for a stylist for months and Jane stepped in to help us all out!?  I'll tell you a little story.. Years ago Jane poached me!  Took me a while to move and now I have been trying to poach her!  Trying to get this lady to change to mobile forever!  Well blow me down here she is!   Jane is available Tuesdays day time and Thursday late night, you can book her online here! and see her profile etc and more available hours is to come! Jane and myself have been friends for a lifetime, we have been called boutique hairstylists i might tell you 😁 So don't be shy!  & Watch this space!  FAREWELL to CUSHLA  🌅👏👋💖 Cushla landed, after my long long search!  Saved us, took control, was amazing and then decided to fly on to find a full time more predictable job then mobile.  She's Loved us!  Cushla was loving the mobile & you who she looked after, but wanted to be busier.  We called ourselves a marriage in heaven, the perfect balance, Cushla would turn up early, I'd turn up just after 😊  She was super fast, I wasn't  😀   The only Constance in life is change I believe and now this has changed 💛 We thank you and wish you well cool lady! 🦋 ADELE'S FINALLY BACK  🌆🚗🤓💜 For our newbies, I was full time mobile everywhere for 4 years!  Then had a baby 😊  I have been working from home ever since, now 'Officially' I am back mobile for Kapiti only.  If you are a client of mine and have been waiting for my return, get in touch!  Keeping in mind I have a little one, and am in Kapiti, so if you have transitioned and are happy, so am I 😀  If not I'm just a call away!  Another little story..  I actually blew up my car engine.. 2nd this life time, 😱 so I really wasn't mobile, but as phases come and go so did my car.  Yayyyy! Finally letting go of the guilt, I'm now proud of my decision to have stepped down, and now very excited to be back!  😄💟 JESSICA IS STILL HERE FOR MAKEUP  👄💋🙌💖 Jessica is still with us!  If you haven't already seen Jessica's Bio it is here about/stylists and you can see her work here! WE HAVE CHANGED THE WAY WE DO THINGS  💥 Our reception is now open Tuesday - Friday  9am-5pm. You can still book 24/7 by booking yourself in on line here  also this is where you will find all the information you need! Jane, Jessica (for makeup) and myself all work different days and times.  You can see who is available by using the online booking system or see underneath each of our induvial profiles for our hours.. Here -

We have no set rules at HC just guidelines, and I believe we live in a world where anything is possible!

Can we please ask If you are no longer wanting to be on our database please just reply with anything really..  maybe 'please remove me from this wonderful data base' 😍 

Just a little something that I saw year's ago that really helped me understand life  😃💕XO

Keratin Promotes softer, smoother hair. Dramatically improves hair's elasticity and reduces frizz. UV Filters Protects hair colour. Anti-breakage. Details

An enriched blend of botanicals and keratin to strengthen, de-frizz, smooth and shine. Hair will feel smooth and shiny whilst feeling soft and nourished. Speeds up blow-drying time. Suitable for all hair types.


Twist seal. Shake and apply liberally through damp hair. Blow-dry for optimal results and style.

Ingredients: Australian Caviar Lime, A rich elixir of plant oils and butters


So advanced and lightweight, this styling treatment delivers 28 benefits your hair will love. With Australian Caviar Lime and a rich elixir of Cocoa and Mango butters combined with Olive, Almond, Cotton, Soybean, Avocado, Argan and Macadamia oils. Benefits include - 1. Smooths & softens. 2. Shines. 3. Anti-frizz. 4. Anti-humidity. 5.Holds & controls blow waves. 6. Seals cuticle. 7. Colour protection. 8. Anti-pollution. 9. Reconstructs. 10. Strengthens fragile hair. 11. Gives volume. 12. Reduces blow dry time. 13. UV filter. 14. Detangles. 15. Improves elasticity. 16. Repairs dry damaged hair. 17. Protection from thermal styling. 18. Moisture retention. 19. Prevents split ends. 20. Reduces hair breakage. 21. Evens porous hair. 22. Anti-static. 23. Restores lustre. 24. Makes blow drying easier. 25. Protects again saltwater & chlorine. 26. Curly hair nourishment. 27. Define curls. 28. Soothes dry scalp.

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