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Satisfaction & complaints process

Adele strives to always do her best for you!  All of her work is 100% guaranteed.  If your service is not what you both agreed on, Adele will correct it at no charge.  However this is only on the grounds that it is not what you both agreed on.  Hair results can be like buying a dress before trying it on.  Adele is trained to listen to your needs and wants, she will also offer her professional opinion so you are aware of more choices.

Please never feel pressured to say yes!  It is your hair and you wear it :-)


HV loves to keep prices modest and fair!  All the prices are on the website - see price list

Please be aware: There will be an extra travel cost on top of this - see price list - extra travel costs

Please let Adele know if you feel you are being over charged.

Cancelled appointments

Life is short and time is precious!  I value you and your time and as a professional I value my time, and I hope you do too!  Like you I have bills needing paying.

If you cancel 24 hours prior there is no charge!

If I show up to your address and for some reason you cannot have your service done, I would really appreciate a charge to cover costs.  

Any questions or queries please don't hesitate to contact me!  Your feedback positive or not is ALWAYS  appreciated.

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 You will be given a client card from Adele with everything you need to remember to care for your hair after the service is complete.  You will be asked to sign if you have not had a skin test. 

Please note we cannot perform any colour service until you have completed a shin test 24 hours prior to your service.  If you wish to continue without one, your stylist Adele and Hair Voyant cannot be held liable. 

Please ask your stylist for the risks.

We always prefer minimal chemicals in our chosen products, reactions are very rare but can occur.

We can only guarantee our chemical services when professional home hair care products are used.


In the systems we are currently in, due to Complete Medical Tyranny, I am unable to offer Hair Services.

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