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All the years of knowledge gained, is useless kept to myself - Soooooooooooo for you --- 

From Adele xo


Quick reference for our 'Hair Tips'


1:  Clarifying your Hair

2:  Treatments!

3:  Brushing!

4:  Oily Roots - Dry ends 😣

5:   Extensions!

6:  Hair Spray 🙄

7:  Washing your Hair!

8:  Taming CURLY frizzy hair!

1:  Clarifying your Hair

Like we need fresh starts sometimes.. So does our hair!
Is your hair bogged down with the dirt of the world? 
Want your hair to be Free!?
Easy! The free do it yourself option is good old Baking Soda! Yep...
This is a great process to remove silicone from supermarket products.
There are trillions of great products that do not build up - I always recommend ones that are not from a supermarket. Myself or your hairdresser should always teach you of this, unless this changes and you find a good one.. Please let me know!


- Put your usual shampoo in your hand, then sprinkle in baking soda to a paste. 
Amount varies on your hairs length and thickness.

- Shampoo as usual, note always apply to the scalp and when clarifying like this - spread through to the ends.

- Repeat.  I leave the second application on for 1-5 minutes.

- Then - not necessary but I am fussy so I do, I do a third shampoo to remove any traces of baking soda.

- I recommend finishing with a treatment instead of a conditioner - Treatments tip 2.

- Done! Easy :-)

This Is a little time consuming but this method is free, and in my experience does not remove colour.  Note: Never do on a fresh colour & I would not clarify toned hair as toners can rinse away very easily. 

This or any of these or clarifying shampoos are great to remove over toned colour too ;-) 

If you swim regularly you will need a clarifying shampoo to use after every time you swim.

RPR & So products can be purchased thought us at - Shop

Enjoy your free from build up, soft, shiny hair people!

Love from Adele :-) Xo


2:  Treatments!

Yep.. From old school sunlight soap TO shampoo and conditioner TO Shampoo and a 20 minute treatment TO a 3 minute treatment TO a 1 minute treatment TO instant treatments.. Wooool What next!? :-0

Different hair needs different care & ingredients! None of this one product for all business no more.. These days we have billions of options, and its up to your hairdresser to 'prescribe' yes - PRESCRIBE you correctly!

From bleached platinum blonde hair with no elasticity left :-@ needing a PROTEIN treatment,
to thick curly frizzy hair needing a MOISTURE treatment,
to everything in between needing a mix of both PROTEIN AND MOISTURE.

These days in a world so busy, where we sometimes don't even have time to wash our hair :-0 & have shampoo in a can - Tip 4.
We often think 'TREATMENTS' take too long.. But they don't! 
It's a simple shift in routine

A Treatment should realistically take no longer than a conditioner.
The only difference is we leave it on while we wash our bodies or shave our legs etc..


- Shampoo hair as normal.  X2 shampoo's - Tip 7.
I always use a clarifying shampoo - Tip 1.  If I am doing an intense treatment.

- Recommended to towel dry
(not really necessary if using a 1 min masque every time)

- Apply to mid's and end's as if you would conditioner.
Only in rare cases apply to roots also.

- Leave for the prescribed time.
Over night is great for moisture treatments to soften course hair. Protein treatments can leave the hair hard if left to long.
(Optional to cover with a cap or glad wrap)

- Rinse well
Leaving conditioner or treatments in that are formulated to rinse out will leave the hair dull not shiny.

- Done! Easy :-)


1 minute masques, can be used every wash in replace of a conditioner for dry or damaged hair.

Intense Treatments can be prescribed as once a week or fortnight or even monthly.

This all should come with your hairdressers recommendation/prescription.

These Treatments can be purchased from our website in our shop.

Enjoy your nourished hair!
Love from Adele :-) Xo


3:  Brushing!

Brusing your hair 100 times makes your hair healthy..
No no..

Over brushing causes damage.

But.. brushing 'Your Scalp' keeps your scalp healthy & distributes the oil to the hair keeping everything healthy.
Including simulating your scalps circulation. 🙆‍♀️

Tips! :

-Curly hair can still be brushed! 
Just do it before washing 😉😲

-Never brush wet hair, most brushing when wet causes damage especially if the hair is already split or fragile.😯

Comb your hair with care when wet, as your hair is delicate. 
Wide tooth combs are better.

If you comb your wet hair with a tight toothed comb and pull or stretch your hair.. this will cause damage and most likely breakage. 😲

-Ask your hairdresser for advise on the correct brush for your hair.. 
I find a cushion brush the best.

I prefer natural bristle brushes opposed to synthetic.
They look after your hair better & distribute your hair oil better.

Tangle Teezer brushes are amazing, especially for children! 😣

-Leave in detanglers are helpful!

-If you are taking your child to the hairdresser and they 'won't brush there hair' 😒 
A tip is to plait their hair after washing & combing with conditioner in if needed 😉
Rinse the conditioner preferably. 

Easy! 😄

Enjoy your knot free, shiny, silky hair.

Love from Adele ☺ Xo

4:  Oily Roots - Dry ends 😣

How many times have you been sold a classic shampoo & conditioner for 'dry hair' or 'dry & damaged hair' ? ? ?

Loads of people have beautiful long (dry) hair but have an oily scalp..

SO - you should be prescribed correctly!

Look outside of the square even if your hairdresser doesn't 😁

Tips! :

-You may need a shampoo for normal hair OR
a shampoo for oily hair OR
a shampoo for volume!

-Shampoo correctly ie, apply your shampoo to the scalp only and be sure to apply to the scalp over your whole head, not missing the crown or nape areas. 
-For most shampooing apply shampoo to the scalp not the ends, depending on your hair and product you are using, and unless instructed otherwise by your hairdresser.
-The lengths of your hair will get washed by rinsing your shampoo through.

-For excessively oily roots use a soft flat hand to wash not a vigorous firm pressure, as this stimulates the glands that will produce more oil. 💆‍♀️

-Do two shampoo's as the first just wets the hair properly allowing the second to penetrate to the scalp to clean properly!

-For your dry ends you will either need a conditioner for dry hair OR dry and damaged hair, depending on the condition and or if you have had chemical services.

-Use a Treatment as a part of your home hair care regime. Tip No 2.

-Use a dry shampoo for in between washes to soak up the oil! 🙋‍♀️

Easy! 😄

Enjoy your hair bouncing off your scalp and not stuck to it ;-)

Love from Adele 😃 xO


5:  Extensions!

Want long hair? Well you have a choice.. To keep waiting.. Or get extensions 😃

That's my tip 😆

Oh wait, there are options ! 
Clip In's
Loop in's ( MICRO RING I-TIP)
or Tape in's

This weeks tip is not a huge story of several tips ..🤔

But you can see more info at - Price list - Hair extensions

Enjoy! 🤷‍♀️
Love from Adele 😀 xO

6:  Hair Spray 🙄

Just in time for all ye Parties! <3
How many times have you paid money for a fabulous style - then it FELL OUT 😲

Tips! :

-An off the ball tip a hairdresser shouldn't say.. BUT pop a spray on your finished style when you get home 😜

-If your hair is stuck & set in concrete .. 
DON'T touch it! 😦 Esp don't get it wet! If you do it will all stick together.. (unless you are shampooing your style out of course)

-If your style is a lovely free flowing one of curls or texture or actually straight also, you can lift up the top sections and spray hairspray onto the roots to help keep in the volume! 👍

-If you don't want hairspray, If your style is free flowing, any of straight, texture or curls, you can use any working sprays or texture sprays. See Pics or ask your hairdresser.
These will offer some hold without the feeling of hairspray or your hair feeling stuck 😄
-Also most sprays will block out humidity!

-If you have curls and love them as they are, just mist over with your spray of choice without touching!
If you want them separated, with dry hands you can pull them apart or shuffle the hair a little or run your fingers through, keeping in mind when you do this it loosens the curls so be aware not to push them out yourself! 
Your hairdressers nightmare so no touching now! 😁
-You can spray as you go or at the end..

Easy! 😃

Enjoy your well worked for style for longer & cheers to your amazing Hairdresser 👏

Love from Adele :-) xO

Rpr hold me gently.jpg
sea salt.jpg

7:  Washing your Hair!

Something as simple as washing.. 🤔 . . .

Tips! :

Hair needs to be washed? No..

Truth has it that hair actually washes itself.. well its a bit more complicated than that. (another tip another day)
But your body will regulate the correct amount of oils. Rinsing can be enough.

HOWEVER in our modern world our hair can get very dirty!

An ESTIMATE washing guide:
Oily hair: everyday
Fine hair: 1-2 days
Normal hair: 2-3 days 
Dry or Thick hair: 3-7 days

Reason for doing TWO SHAMPOO'S is:
Water and oil don't mix.
The first shampoo simply wets the hair, this is quicker than the second.
The second shampoo reaches the scalp and cleanses properly.

For any specialised shampoos ESP for SCALP CONDITIONS always leave in the directed time. Usually 1-3 mins.

If you EXERCISE and its not a hair washing day, you can use dry shampoo's.  See Tip 4.
Or just rinse in water with out shampooing.

If your hair is still OILY after washing, make sure you have the correct shampoo.  See Tip 4.
Or use a flat hand ie no pressure when washing.
Or make sure you are doing two shampoo's.

If your hair is still DRY after washing, make sure you have the correct shampoo, conditioner or treatment.
See Tip 2.

Brushing is recommended before washing.
See Tip 3.

If your hair or scalp is not cleansed properly please ask your hairdresser for the correct advise or product.

Your shampoo is the foundation to beautiful hair & a healthy scalp is the start to healthy hair!

Enjoy your well cleansed hair! 
Love from Adele :-) xo

8:  Taming CURLY frizzy hair :-0

LOVE Curly Hair! I do! But sadly lots with curly hair just don't like it.. 
Until you find the keys to nurture your nest and love it, you'll be amazed at how easy looking after Curly actually is <3

Tips! :

Most Curly hair just needs a whole lota MOISTURE!

Except the exception - That awesome head of curls thats fine as fine hair but looks like a huge head of thick hair.. This curly hair needs protein as well to strengthen.
(Who would of thought curly hair could need strengthening? wow hey)

Never BRUSH curly hair! :-0  The only time I brush curly hair is before washing.  See Tip 3.
There are other times your stylist will brush but for you.. Unless you are using styling tools, it can just create lots of frizz brushing.

Remember it all starts from WASHING our hair!  See Tip 7. (Like building a house - the foundation is the most important!)
YEP What we shampoo our hair with in my opinion is more important than the conditioner or treatment.
Lots of people I've come across are just piling there hair up with products, but it starts from in the shower!

Some ranges actually have specific shampoos for curly hair.. (My Fav is KMS Curl up range) But most curly hair needs a shampoo for dry hair.

So I can't PRESCRIBE here what to use as we have lots of different types of curls - thick, fine, natural, chemically treated.. But ask us or your hairdresser.. Please don't just guess.. We don't do years of training for nothing - ASK when you have your hair done! :-) The secret is we actually love educating you, but some don't want to be thought of as over selling! So Ask ask ask! Test your hairdresser ;-)

TREATMENTS!  See tip 2.  Are an absolute must for curly hair!!!

Find the right leave in PRODUCT! Its like finding the right deodorant or perfume.
A great no hassle hair day or a bad hair day can depend on taking just 1 min to apply a little product! No drying, no styling just a simple smooth/scrunch in a blob or product! 
I prefer curl creams opposed to waxes or glosses. But there are many on the market!

There are special oils or waxes available for exceptionally course hair that needs the extra mile!

Now again this is just my opinion.. and it really depends on what products you are using - I can't stress enough about getting the correct hair care advise from your stylist!

You've just been let in on how EASY it is to have amazing tamed non frizzy curly hair!

You can see a full list of my hair tips at
or see some products at

Enjoy your AWESOME Curly Hair!
Love from Adele :-) xo


In the systems we are currently in, due to Complete Medical Tyranny, I am unable to offer Hair Services.

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