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A wedding day is one that we plan to be a once in a life time!

Whether it’s your 1st, 2nd or 3rd.  It’s a celebration to be cherished and remembered!

Hair is your crown and glory, and we take this seriously! – It is to be just as you wished and must be perfect!


1.  Book a trial.  We will decide & confirm timing then!


2.  Decide on your theme for the hair.  If you are unsure, your stylist will guide you.


3.  Inform your bridesmaids of how to prepare their hair or guide them to this page!


4.  Make sure you have purchased any hair accessories you want us to use.


5.  Make sure your stylist has all of your details correct. Time and place! You will get the          email reminder/confirmation with all the details we have! Be sure to check them.


6.  Be calm and HAVE FUN - ENJOY the journey.




Bride Only...

Bride + 1...

Bride + 2...

Bride + 3...

Added Hair Voyant mini reading...





$400 + $90 each per extra

$30 each

For the added Hair Voyant experience please add the Hair Voyant mini reading per person
For prices for short hair blow dry's or for curls only, please see the price list.


Off-peak or if an additional stylist is required, there will be an additional charge.

                    Travel costs are to be added - see Extra Travel Costs


1.  Within one week before the big day - wash with a clarifying shampoo.

    We recommend any professional salon range or natural products. We favor SO Deep Clean.

    Leave the second shampoo in for 2-3mins. This gives the hair a deep clean and leaves amazing shine!


2.  Soak in any treatment of choice 3-5 mins or overnight to soften brittle hair.

    We recommend SO Intense Repairing Masque (standard protein and moisture).

    We can recommend your prescribed treatment in your trial consultation!


3.  Wash 1 day before the big day. Only exceptionally oily hair or hair that has been arranged to be 

    blow dried should be washed on the day.    


4.  Make sure everyone's hair is clean & DRY for your stylist to style.

We would love to be a part of bringing together your special day - For us to be the chosen ones, all you need to do is either book in online, email or phone us for any further enquirers. Give us the word and we’ll book you in! 

The hair styling part is all done and taken care of. You are all secured!

Thanks for choosing Hair Voyant!

In the systems we are currently in, due to Complete Medical Tyranny, I am unable to offer Hair Services.

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